Part 9 (Hospice)

At this point the doctors told me that my moms labs and vitals were getting worse. They could no longer do anything for her, the doctor told me that we had to prepare for the worse. She had a week to two weeks left. When the doctor told me the bad news I felt my heart dropped, it felt so heavy. They gave us an option to take her home or place her in hospice. After he explained to us in deep details of what specifically hospice provides, my brother and I decided that it was the best option. The doctor told us it’s a place for terminally ill patients to sleep peacefully and comfortably. (PS notice I said sleep and not die because it sounded better). 

A few days later my mom was transferred to Boro Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. The doctor and nurses there were so amazing. They made sure my mom was very comfortable and pain-free. Many friends and family visited my mom. It was a heart breaking situation for everyone. Her blood pressure started getting very low. After two days of her being at hospice, just before I came to spend the day with her I was out having something to eat with my aunt (her sister).

My moms nurse called me: 

Nurse: “Hello? Is this Trisha Maxwell?”

Me: “Yes it is”

Nurse: This is your moms nurse from the hospice, can you come right now?


Me: Whats wrong? What’s wrong???!!

Nurse: your moms blood pressure is very low, I don’t think she’ll make it for the next 3 hours. 

When I got there I sat next to my mom and she took her last breath in front of me. I cried and cried and cried. When I stopped crying I felt good. I felt good because I came to realization that my mom went to a much better place and she stopped suffering. I felt good that God took her to a better place.

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