Part 8 (Massive stoke)

The next morning after my mom got her stomach sanctioned of all the fluid I got an alarming call. It was approximately 8am I got woken up.  

ME: “Hello?”

DOCTOR: “ Yes hello, Is this Trisha Maxwell”?

ME: “ Yes it is”

DOCTOR: “ Are you sitting or standing? We would like you to please have a sit”

ME: “Yes I’m sitting”

DOCTOR: “I’m calling you to inform you that your moms status has changed. We found your mom slumped over her chair in her room this morning a couple minutes ago. She is unresponsive.”

My heart started racing and I started to panic. I didn’t know how to react or what to feel. Visiting hours are from 11 am – 11 pm so imagine how I felt during that time. Unable to go unless it was 11am or after. All I could’ve said was “mommy please wait for me please!!” I don’t live far from the hospital so from 10:30 I was already waiting for 11 am. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life.

When it was finally 11 am I rushed up to see my mom. The doctor told me she had pulled out her nasogastric tube and also her oxygen so they had to put restrains on her. Her left side of her body was completely dead due to the stroke. She was barely opening her eyes any more, and she was moving uncontrollably. Please keep in mind that my mom hasn’t eaten for nearly a month. The doctor told us they were no longer able to do her reconstructive surgery to her stomach because she had the stroke. The next option was to apply a tube to her stomach which they were unsure-of. A couple of days later my mom wasn’t getting any better.

To anyone wondering why do I apply these photos, when I started this blog I asked my mom before, including asking permission for displaying her pictures.

After stroke, nasogastric tube was replaced. Restrains were applied to arms.

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