Part 7 (Nasogastric Tube)

A few weeks after my mom got the Nephrostomy tubes everything changed for the worse. At this point the Retroperitoneal cavity fibrosis tissues was getting worse. My mom was no longer eating nor drinking. She was unable to do her daily routine. My mom could barely walk without breathing like she just ran a flight of stairs. She was getting weaker and weaker. My mom would moan and scream in so much pain all through the day and night. 

She drank many oxycodones but it didn’t help. She barely had any bowel movements and urination being done. We were in and out of the hospital, my mom would spend days there. They couldn’t find what was really wrong, she was in excruciating pain, only morphine worked for her. They changed her nephrostomy tubes but that didn’t help either. She had multiple cat scans and X-rays done, finally we got an answer. My mom had fibrosis tissue growing in her small intestines, her gall bladder was infected.

Being that her small intestines was blocked, there was no way for her fluid to pass through after her stomach. According to her doctor on the Cat scan her stomach was big as a balloon. This is why she no longer ate nor drunk anything and even if she did, minutes later she’d throw up. My moms Labs were looking really bad. Her stomach had to get drained out in order to continue with a next procedure which consist of her surgically getting her small intestines unblocked area reconstruction to the stomach. The other option was to place a small tube in the small intestines.

In order to get her stomach drain out my mom did a procedure called Nasogastric Intubation. This procedure had to be done in order to move forward with the reconstruction of her small intestines. Nasogastric Intubation is the process of inserting a nasogastric tube (which is flexible and plastic) through the nose, pass through the throat and down into the stomach. After this process is done a canister and is placed at the other end to suction out the fluid. Below are pictures attached.

Nasogastric tubes suctioning out fluid
Two litres suctioned 3 minutes after insertion of tube

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