Part 5 (Gamma knife surgery)

Now that my mom was fully recovered, everything was going good. We fast-forward to 2016, when my mom started having Transient ischemic attack (TIA/mini stroke). TIA is short stoke like attack that, despite recovering within minutes to hours, still requires immediate medical attention to distinguish from an actual stroke. Her symptoms would normally start off with numbness or tingling feeling on the right side of her body (arms and legs), they sometimes feel heavy, her speech would be slurred, her tongue and mouth would be lopsided and her breathing would get a bit heavier than usual. Seeing that all her symptoms happens on the right side, this usually means she has a temporary artery blockage to the left side of her brain. This TIA attacks happen because of her open brain surgery she had and her chemo therapy.

These TIA normally happens twice a week or sometimes three times a week, I always called the ambulance every-time it happened. At the hospital after running test; including lumbar puncture (spinal tap) which is to test a small amount go cerebrospinal fluid for cancer, according to the imaging as well she had lessons in her brain. Lessons in the brain appears as dark or light spots that don’t look like normal brain tissue. It may involve small to large areas of the brain. At this point I’m thing “ again? Just why? Why won’t cancer give up !!”.

My mom was given a referral to NYU Langone hospital where the treatment for the problem was better. At NYU Langone Hospital my mom had another CAT snack and MRI, and they saw the lessons as well. She was then schedule for a Gamma Knife Procedure. Gamma knife surgery is an almost painless computer guide procedure that delivers highly focused radiation to tumors in the brain. With this procedure the Gamma rays is target directly at the tumor/lesson in the brain. The day of the surgery my mom was prepped but before the surgery was started my mom had to do another MRI to ensure that the lessons were there. In results to the MRI the lessons were no longer there, therefor the surgery couldn’t be done. THANKS GOD !!

Three months later my mom had another MRI which also still showed up clear, to this day MRI are still being done. The TIA have also stopped. They happen once a blue. Below are pictures of the prepped Gamma Knife surgery, the brace was screwed to her skull. They were taken before finding out her MRI was clear. Despite everything that is going on my mom hasn’t shown any form of emotion, she is always happy and always kept a positive energy. Her faith in God is always strong, I’m a strong believer in that’s what keeps her going. She never forgets to thank him no matter what she goes through. I have to keep strong for my mom and my self. Keep the faith and fight the fight!

Prepared for GKS

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