Part 4 (Recovery)

Despite all the surgeries and therapy, my mom was better physically and good mentally. I’d ask her is she felt sad or down but her response is always positive. She always tells me ‘I feel normal, I’m not stressing it, the more you talk about it; the more you give it value and life.’ Her faith in God is always so strong. If you have faith in God, all things will work together for good. He works in mysterious ways; the fight is not ours it belongs to God.

Upon getting her surgical staples removed from her brain surgery, she went through another 6 rounds of radiation. The side effects she had included discoloration to her face and top part of her head, she had a bald spot and tenderness. Her long-term side effects include she can no longer stay on the phone for long neither listen to any sort of loud sounds. A few months later, after my mom recovered, the cancer is now stable and is considered as stage 4. She was prescribed seizure medications to prevent them from happening since she did open brain surgery but never took them.

Her oncologist placed her on a light chemo to prevent the cancer from coming back, this light chemo is call Herceptin. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) is a type of chemo used to treat breast (HER2 positive), stomach and esophageal cancer. It is use to limit the production that produce the HER2/neu protein. She’s also currently on chemo pills which are Tykerb (Lapatinib). This chemo pill can treat all types of cancer, including breast cancer. It woks by slowing down the growth of cancer cells. She currently receives the Herceptin once every three weeks and the taker is taken two pills, twice daily. These chemo therapy’s are to be taken for life. Through out the years my mom also developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

My mom received prosthetic breast since she didn’t want breast implants. In the pictures below you will see them displayed on her.

Receiving Herceptin chemo 2014 after recovering from breast and brain surgery and radiation.
Months after all radiation and chemo. Face is still darker than rest of body.
Summer 2015, hair is growing back, receiving Herceptin chemo.

To be continued ) 04/03/2019

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