Part 3 (Brain cancer)

After her radiation and chemotherapy her doctor told her that she wouldn’t be able to lift her hands up high anymore because of the bilateral surgery. He also recommended her to do hand therapy at home, in which she had to place her finger on the wall and make it slowly crawl going up. Eventually my mom was able to lift her hands up high again after weeks of trying this therapy. With all this going on my mom and I struggled a lot financially. I was just a few months away graduating from high school. People I thought that would financially and emotionally help me turned their backs away, but that was okay because. I am very thankful for you all, it meant a lot to my mom and I.

In the last week of January my mom started having terrible headaches. She’d drink painkillers, but they wouldn’t work. The headache was on going for a week now, under my moms eyes were very dark. My cousin who visited my mom told her that she wasn’t looking to good, so my mom decided next day to go to the ER. They didn’t look at it like an ordinary headache or migraine seeing that her record showed she has Metastatic breast cancer. They right away did an MRI and CAT SCAN of her brain. (Magnetic resonance imaging uses a strong magnetic field of radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissue within the body and  CAT scans are special X-ray tests that produce cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays and a computer). The results came back bad once again, she had a 3 cm tumor in the middle part of her brain. The immediately told her “do you want to move it today or tomorrow”? She couldn’t because we had a small fee to pay of $300 which we didn’t have. Thanks to my aunt who paid it within the same week.

While she was getting her tumor out I was in school, I was out of patience. I waited all day for the doctor to call and tell me that it was a successful surgery. After school a few of my classmates and I went to visit her. I almost didn’t recognize her with the band-aide and her face, it was swelled and bruised badly like someone had beaten her up. I wish I still had pictures to display for you to see. Her surgical cut was made from one side of her temple to the other side. Thank god my mom never endured pain after her surgery. She was released four days after surgery and yes the tumor was successfully removed. 

TO BE CONTINUED 03/30/2019

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